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Field Notes

Earth Spirit’s Alaska Adventures and More

Question: What do you get when you combine years of experience between Earth Spirit board member, Joe Allen and long-time Alaska expedition leader Russ Crispell (Retired Director of Outdoor Pursuits at UB)?

Upcoming Events

Canoeing Basics

June 25, 2022
Green Lake at Yates Park, Orchard Park

Learn some basic canoe skills, paddling technique, and safety pointers before learning about the unique ecology of the lake while on the water.

Upcoming Excursions

Rafting and Rocks: A Canadian Adventure

August 19, 2022-August 21, 2022
Northern NY & Ontario, CA

Explore a “diamond” mine, experience the Canadian Shield, navigate through a cave, and enjoy a day of whitewater rafting and more on this exciting new excursion!