Earth Spirit was founded on a mission to connect individuals with the natural world. This mission has for us, always been free of gender, racial, and religious bias. But we have seen first hand within our work, that there have always been inequities for people and communities of color. These inequities involve exposure, opportunity, priority, and safety. With a goal of empathy toward all beings, we focus on caring for the environment and for all people. It is time now for our efforts with Environmental Justice to join hands with all those that support and work towards Social and Racial Justice.

It is a time now to be both introspective and active. What has happened within our nation has deeply affected us and so many others. It is causing us to reflect on what more we can do to further support our communities through both our personal lives and through the work we do at Earth Spirit. It is a time for difficult conversations, soul searching, and re-imagining. It is also a time to speak out, help others, vote, support organizations fighting injustice, and participate in a nationwide dialogue focused upon civil rights, racism, institutional and social, and social injustice.

We must all do something. We can all make a difference.


Sandy Geffner & Scott Lembitz

Statement on Racial Injustice

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