What an Autumn season it was! We hit the ground running as the school year began and were able to rekindle relationships, set curriculums, and start new adventures as the leaves changed and fell. Some highlights from this past season include canoeing with 4th graders from the Tuscarora School on Lake Alice, spending time with friends at the Concord Library, learning about tree identification with 10th graders at the Park School of Buffalo, running a 5 program series with homeschool families, sharing an Owl Prowl event at Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve for the public, and learning about Haudenosaunee history with schools across WNY! We were able to run over 40 programs and teach over 1000 students from September-November. Though this has been a challenging few months for many reasons, Earth Spirit is back and looking forward to the rest of the year.

If you’d like to schedule programming with us for the Winter or Spring seasons, please reach out today at programming@earthspiritedu.org.

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Autumn Highlights