Adventures with Earth Spirit Excursions will take you beyond the WNY region to National Parks and Wilderness for an immersive experience in hiking, fishing, ecology, wildlife observation, photography and so much more! Our naturalist educators have the experience and the knowledge to create a memorable experience for all.

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Alaskan Wilderness Adventure

August 8, 2022-August 17, 2022
Anchorage, Alaska

An Alaskan “sampler,” this trip will provide you with a memorable experience in multiple unique Alaskan ecosystems.

Summer Yellowstone 2022

August 14, 2022-August 24, 2022
Yellowstone National Park

Join Earth Spirit Excursion’s naturalists on an adventure that will shape your understanding of the Yellowstone ecosystem forever.

Rafting and Rocks: A Canadian Adventure

August 19, 2022-August 21, 2022
Northern NY & Ontario, CA

Explore a “diamond” mine, experience the Canadian Shield, navigate through a cave, and enjoy a day of whitewater rafting and more on this exciting new excursion!