Guiding Others To the Ways of Nature

We are Naturalists/Ecologists with a mission. Since our founding in 1980, Earth Spirit staff has sought to share our lifelong passion for Nature with others. Our programs have served as a mechanism for reaching out to schools, community groups and the general public instilling in others a sense of connection to the gifts and lessons of Nature. For over 30 years, these programs have enabled us to plant many “seeds” in the hearts and minds of those who have experienced our work. We have guided others gently and directly through Nature’s classroom so that they may know how their lives and well-being are interwoven with and inseparable from the natural world. This sense of sharing and guidance has always been our mission and those who have joined our Family through the decades, and those who follow us, will continue this good work… to educate and awaken others to the ways and wonders of Nature.

Earth Spirit Staff

Sanford Geffner: Co-Founder/Director/Naturalist Educator
Jonathan Roth: Program Coordinator/Naturalist Educator
Daniel Mlodozeniec: Naturalist Educator

Earth Spirit Interns

Amy Long: University at Buffalo

Earth Spirit Excursions

Joseph Allen: Wilderness Trip Leader
Jonathan Roth: Wilderness Trip Coordinator 
Russ Crispell: Wilderness Trip Leader
Ralph CritelliWilderness Trip Leader
Janelle Price: Assistant Wilderness Trip Leader
Alex Eisenhauer: Assistant Wilderness Trip Leader

In addition, Earth Spirit is fortunate to have had many independent teachers and naturalists work with us on a regular basis bringing assistance and expertise in numerous environmental specialties.

Earth Spirit Board of Directors

Richard Kingston: President
Julia Benton
Cindy Guguentz
Tripp Higgins
Cliff Borchert
Joseph Allen
Bill Michalek
Terry Belke