We’re super excited to announce that we’ve, once again, partnered with the Bills and Sabres Foundations to participate in WNY’s annual Give 716 campaign, taking place July 15-16, 2024.

What is #Give716 Day?
Give 716 is our community‚Äôs day of online giving. The giving period provides an easy and fun way for our entire community to unite in support of local nonprofits. Give 716 day was created as a joint effort between the Buffalo Bills Foundation and the Buffalo Sabres Foundation in response to the urgent needs our nonprofit community is facing as a whole. Learn more and participate HERE!

How can I support?

You can donate through the online giving platform at give716.org, where you’ll search for Earth Spirit or other great organizations in the search bar. If you’d like to donate directly to Earth Spirit through this event, you can follow this link to our organization’s page!

When can I donate?

The donation period begins Monday, July 15th at 7:16pm and ends on Tuesday, July 16th at 11:59pm. Take a look at the schedule below so that you can time your donations with a “Power Hour” where you can have your donation matched or win cool prizes! All donations made within a “Power Hour” will be randomly chosen to be matched. Another consideration is that each hour three organizations are selected to receive a $500 grant by the organizers, but to be considered for these funds, our organization must receive at least $25 in donations that hour. So our pro tip is to consider donating at least $25 in the wee early hours on Tuesday (like 1:00-4:00am) to increase our odds of being chosen for these grants!

How does this help Earth Spirit?

As a 501c3 non-profit, Earth Spirit relies on funds from donations, memberships, and grants to operate on a yearly basis. With ever increasing costs, our financial goal is to keep our programs affordable for all so that we can share our lessons, experience, and joy, and to be able to support our amazing staff and contractors at the same time. Over the past year, we have worked with tens of thousands of students throughout the Western NY region through dozens of schools, youth and adult groups, and summer camps. We have expanded our offerings to include valuable First Aid, CPR, AED, and Wilderness First Aid/Wilderness First Responder trainings, and are grateful for the multiple new groups we worked with this year. We’ve also welcomed in new staff to our organization to keep up with our programming load! Exciting opportunities are on the horizon! We strive to continue this healthy growth into the future and your contributions to this fundraiser will ensure that we can achieve these goals.

Give716 Day FAQs!