Earth Spirit’s Maple Sugar Camp!

During the month of March, Earth Spirit’s attention shifts primarily to a natural phenomenon occurring within the Sugar Maple Trees of our forests: the flow of sap.  During this short time of the year, the right temperature conditions trigger the flow of sap that was stored in the roots of the tree during the winter time.  The stem pressure created from nights below and days above freezing cause this sap to move, which is what allows humans to extract it by “tapping,” or creating a hole into the tree.  A “spile” is inserted into the tapped hole to allow the sap to flow into a catchment container such as a bucket.  The window of opportunity where these conditions are met closes quickly, making it truly is one of those Carpe Diem moments in nature. This sap can then be converted via boiling into maple sugar!

This is a tradition that began in North America with the Native Americans, and has been adopted and altered by many other cultures over time.  It is this tradition that is celebrated during the month of March by Earth Spirit through multiple weeks of Maple Sugaring programs with a variety of school groups.

The biggest celebration of this time of year however, will occur through a public program on March 23rd at 10:00AM!  Come on a journey through time learning about how people have gathered and boiled maple sap throughout history. This will be an interactive program fit for all ages that takes place in a mature hardwood forest loaded with Sugar Maple trees. We will also be serving pancakes and fruit as a part of the event! Celebrate the coming of Spring with Earth Spirit as we enjoy the sweet gifts of the season and give thanks to those who provide it for us.

Click the link below to view this event’s page!

Recent Wildlife Sightings:


  • A large flock of American Robins in late February
  • Ravens and Red-Shouldered Hawks in Colden
  • February 24th was the first observed Eastern Chipmunk awakened from his winter sleep
  • Large flocks of male Red-Winged Blackbirds back from their migrations and setting up territories at Reinstein Woods.


  • A Great Horned Owl preying on a Cottontail Rabbit


  • A pair of Barred Owls mating
  • Discovered two active Great Horned Owl nests
  • Pileated Woodpeckers drumming in Hamburg.
Maple Sugaring

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