The procedure to apply for this funding is simple. Below is a link to a short set of directions outlining the procedure for gaining BOCES funding for Earth Spirit programming. More information can be found on the Erie 2 BOCES website by making the following selections:

  1. About Us
  2. Service Directory
  3. Select the appropriate Service Guide
  4. Instructional Support Services
  5. then Environmental Education

There, under the Earth Spirit/Co-Ser 438 heading, you will find our two options for programming:

  • EARTH SPIRIT 3 HOUR BLOCK: $225.00 per instructor for up to 3 hours
  • EARTH SPIRIT 6 HOUR BLOCK: $400.00 per instructor for up to 6 hours

These fees do not reflect the eventual BOCES reimbursement of 60-85%. For those districts that are not Component Districts with Erie 2, the pricing is the same. We will simply cross-contract for these funds from Erie 2 via your home BOCES. Earth Spirit will continue to offer programming outside of the BOCES Co-Ser agreements, as well.

For more information on purchasing time blocks, click here for Erie 2 BOCES guidelines.