When travelling to Yellowstone in the Winter, one expects to see wildlife, great scenery, and to be cold. This trip had all of that, and more! 

This December, the Earth Spirit Excursions crew, including Joe Allen and myself, spent 10 days with nine individuals exploring and learning about the Yellowstone ecosystem. We were honored to have such an amazing crew of participants including many who have travelled with us before. The camaraderie was evident early on and we ended up really enjoying the people just as much, or more than the wildlife and scenery. 

Speaking of wildlife… Some highlights from this trip include seeing wolves every day we looked for them except for one, mingling (from a safe distance) with gigantic herds of pronghorn, elk, and bighorn sheep, spying mountain goats on high cliff faces, playing with many American dippers who were hunting for insects in the rushing stream waters, and of course, tons of bison, some of which decided to stand in the roadway and block our hiking paths at various times. 

The weather was chilly, but spectacular, as the morning temperatures dipped to a chilling -14F and the days heated up to 30F thanks to the bright sun and the clear blue skies throughout the trip. This also led us to have some of the best stargazing we’ve ever had! 

If you’re interested in joining Earth Spirit Excursions on an adventure, please don’t hesitate to reach out today or check out the website as we have multiple trips listed right now! 

Winter 2023 Yellowstone Report!

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